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A single user can use WizSource for free without any restrictions or time limits. The free single user license does not include support. If you are using the free version as an evaluation, then you may ask questions by email. A license is required for each user if more than one person will be using it. Email support is included with a paid license.

The current version is 2.22.3 - September 5, 2023. The 'What Changed' topic in the Admin program help will list the changes and any SQL commands you may need to run to upgrade the database if you are a current user.

Demo Database (Includes SQL Anywhere 11 Runtime Edition)

Full Install (Includes table create scripts and all admin tools)
If you will be using WizSource with PowerBuilder 12.6, you must choose a different download from here. Older versions and alternate installers are also available on that page.

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Once you have evaluated WizSource, please return to purchase the number of copies you need so that you can receive your registration code.