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TopwizWeb is a FastCGI plug-in for IIS that allows you to run PowerBuilder code directly from PBL or PBD files. There is no need to learn C# or perform a complex conversion process. TopwizWeb supports PowerBuilder 12.5 and higher. 32bit and 64bit processing modes are supported in 12.6 and higher.

Live Demo

TopwizWeb is installed on this server. You can see the demo pages by clicking here:  Live Demo.

EAServer Replacement / Two-Tier

TopwizWeb provides a replacement for EAServer that also can be used for new two-tier development. A custom PowerBuilder IDE wizard is provided. It generates proxy objects that work very much like EAServer proxy objects. A separate application is used to deploy components to the server. Because the remote function calls are performed over HTTP/HTTPS, the client and server can be located anywhere in the world.

Web Services - REST / AJAX

TopwizWeb allows you to easily create web services that return text or binary data. The web services can be called by a desktop application or by a web page written in any language that can make REST or AJAX style background calls. Input can be JSON, XML, CSV or any format you want. Output can be binary data like PDF or any string format like JSON or XML.

PDF Reports

You can run DataWindow reports, generate a PDF in memory, and stream it back to the browser or save it to the database. A web page written in any other language could call out to the TopwizWeb component passing the report parameters. The AddToLibraryList and SetLibraryList functions are supported so you can dynamically add report libraries updated in InfoMaker by end users.

TopwizWeb Server Pages

TopwizWeb Server Pages are HTML files that contain links to functions in a PowerBuilder object. The object functions can return a string which is added to the HTML as it is streamed back to the browser. You can design your HTML in your favorite HTML editor/designer application or even have a web design specialist do it for you. This feature works very much like .Net Web Pages.