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PowerSharp is an interface that allows you to call functions in standard PowerBuilder objects from C#.

Why do I need PowerSharp?

If you have business logic in a PowerBuilder application that you need to incorporate into a C# based web application, you could rewrite the logic in C# or just call the existing PowerBuilder code using PowerSharp. A C# rewrite could take several weeks while with PowerSharp it could be done in a day.

How does PowerSharp work?

PowerSharp consists of two parts, first is an unmanaged DLL written in C++ that uses PBNI to interact with your PowerBuilder object. The other part is a C# class file that is a wrapper for the DLL. The C# code requires .Net 6 or higher. PowerBuilder 10 and higher is supported, including 64bit with PowerBuilder 12.6 and higher.

How do I get started?

Download the demo from the Download page. The demo limitation is that only a single library file is allowed. When you purchase a license, you will receive a password that is passed to the SetLicensePassword method.