Download PBSearch

Download a free evaluation copy! The only difference between a fully registered and an evaluation version is the 'splash screen'. Starting on the day following installation, a splash screen will appear at startup. Starting with the 30th day, the Close button will be disabled one second for each day since installation. If you purchase single licenses, you will receive a registration code which will disable the splash screen. If you purchase an unlimted license, you will receive an installer with a version with registration codes disabled.

PBSearch supports PowerBuilder versions 4 thru 2019, PB.Net, and PocketBuilder 2.5. PBSearch works better if you use a build that is different than the version of PowerBuilder you use it with. If you are using PowerBuilder 10.5, use the PB10 build. If you are using any other version use the PB10.5 build.

Click here to download the version built with PB 10
Click here to download the version built with PB 10.5

Purchase PBSearch

Once you have evaluated PBSearch, please return to purchase so that you can receive the fully functional version.