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PBNISMTP is a control written by Bruce Armstrong that wraps an open source SMTP Email C++ class. I made a few changes and plan to post it to Github which is where Bruce's original version is currently hosted.

My changes:

  • Rewrote the PowerBuilder sample app from scratch in PB 10.5 adding a decendant object with helper functions.
  • Updated to use the latest version of the CSMTPConnection open source SMTP library.
  • Removed '125' from the filename as it is not PB version specific.
  • Now produces 32bit and 64bit versions of pbnismtp.pbx.
  • Added a SetPriority method.

2/1/2018 - Changes by Oswaldo Varela:
Split out the Connect, Send, and Disconnect steps into separate functions so that you can send multiple emails in bulk and only have to connect and disconnect once.

2/1/2018 - Changes by Roland Smith:
Created a new Bulk Email tab in the example to show off Oswaldo's change.

PB 10.5 sample app and 32bit/64bit versions of the pbx file:

Download PBNISMTP (765 KB)

Complete Visual Studio 2015 solution folder:

Download PBNISMTP Visual Studio (8,386 KB)